Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New layout, new leaf!

Hey there! If you're reading this it means you haven't erased me from your bookmarks yet due to infrequent posting. It also means that your enjoying (and you know you are) the new layout donated by my dear old friend (and hopefully future contributer...hint hint) Chantal! Hopefully this new layout will breathe a little new life into this blog (ie: make me get off my ass and post more frequently).

I do have some post coming. Honest! It just becomes such a process to transfer vinyl to cd that I get to lazy to do it. Some are not on record, so for those I have no excuse. That being said, I'll quit being a lazy ass and get some stuff up soon. I have some nice unsung, MI jems in the the works too that should please...someone anyway. I know I enjoy 'em!

Also note the player at the top right hand side. I'll try keeping some of the things I post on there for your previewing pleasure.

So...once again, if you follow this blog even a little, thanks for coming back. If you're new here, stick around because more is on it's way.

Fall is here... a leaf will turn.