Thursday, July 2, 2009

9-Volt Tongue - I Eat Evil (Like A Shovel Full of Shit) b/w Foaming Anal Cleanser

Here's the 9-Volt Tongue 7" I talked about in the Jaks post. God I loved this fucking band! They were down tuned, heavy as hell, loud as fuck and, as you can tell from the titles of this 7", totally obnoxious. What every good rock band should be!

Growing up an hour and a half north of Grand Rapids didn't really make me a local so my knowledge about this band is limited. Attending shows there happened sporadically due to the long-enough drive and the memories are hazy at best due to the amount of pot smoked on the way. What I do remember (I think) is that they opened for the Jesus Lizard in Detroit once and did shows in some sketchy ass buildings and basements over by the Reptile House (as well as IN the Reptile House). Two of 9-Volts' members were from the GR punk band Wheelchair Motherfuckers as I learned here. I remember their singer, Hans, being some what small guy and best described as "wiley". I think I remember he had some weird patch of hair on his shoulder that he would expose and the bass player would lick and...umm I dunno... Must've been good pot!

Anyway, after this 7" they released an awesome 5 or 6 song cassette that I almost played til it broke and now can't find anywhere. I heard they record a full CD after that (maybe with a different singer) that went unreleased.

As always, info on this band via the internet is limited (non existent). Though a Myspace search did reveal some dumbfuck band from Battle Creek, MI that has compromised the moniker. Artist Direct had a little blurb but that was it. If you have anything to add, please leave a comment. As I stated before IF YOU CAN GET ME A COPY OF THEIR CASSETTE OR ANY OTHER RECORDED MATERIAL PLEASE CONTACT ME.

...damn I miss that tape.

Did I mention this 7" is on translucent brown vinyl with red streaks in it? If only they some how could've added corn... a shovel full of shit.


  1. I was the drummer for 9-volt. I have a a bunch of old recordings and yeah, we went to Nashville (of all places) and recorded a CD at the now gone Tall Cotton Studios on Music Row. I have a copy, and it is as of yet, unreleased.


    you can reach me at

  2. Damn I loved Nine Volt, used to catch them at The Intersection in Easttown in '95-'96. I also saw them with Jesus Lizard. I also remember when they did the "Hometown Rock Search" with local DJ Aris Hampers, if memory serves me right there are some funny stories about NVT's participation in that event.

  3. Those basements over by the Reptile House were the Enclave and Twelve Oakes...that's really cool that you remember them. I was like 17-18 when Nine Volt were around, and those were the only places that I could see them. Also the venue for just about all of GR's punk bands for that matter. Actually, I rummaged around after reading this post, and found a flyer that had Allergic (Scotty from the MF's subsequent band) Nine Volt playing together at the Intersection. I was married to Scotty at the time, and saved a bunch of this shit for some reason.

    But thanks for reminding me of Hans' hairy mole! I can't BELIEVE that I forgot about that. Awesome.


  4. That was it...the Enclave! HAHA Couldn't remember the name for the life of me! Thanks Amy! Also, thanks for verifying the whole "hairy mole" thing! HAHA Like I said, that shit was hazy. So much pot...

  5. Hey Hey Man,

    I actually have Nine Volt's cassette demo "It's Lonely At The Top". I've actually converted the tracks over to .mp3 format, so I can e-mail or FTP them to anyone who wants them. I've also created a You Tube channel featuring some tracks from some of the bands i've played in or are playing in now. I am going to be uploading some Nine Volt stuff to this channel - stay tuned.

    Reach me at

  6. hey--

    Johnny Hiwatt from 9-Volt here-- we just recently decided to put our back catalog on iTunes, napster, etc.-- look for it around the 1st of october. meanwhile, we made a myspace page-- and a puervolume page----

    had some free time, i'm not in a band right now, yadda yadda.