Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cromwell - 7" tracks

Here I go talking about shit I don't know about again. Well, in all fairness there is not much info on this band that I can find via thee ol' inter-web. I do know they came from Detroit, had only a hand full of releases (only 7" I believe) and that there are a boat load of bands that aren't them named Cromwell. I also know I saw them once amongst a swarm of old drunken polocks and really liked them. It could of been one of their last show for all I know because I don't remember getting another chance to see them again.

Cromwell started off , from what I gather, sometime in the mid-90's and kinda had a noise rock meets hardcore thing going on. Think maybe Deadguy-ish but less metal. There might be an affiliation to the Detroit band Bog Blast (maybe none more than by label). By the time I saw them with my own eyes they had a different singer/guitar player (Vince Williams of The Christpunchers and currently of Year Of The Pig). It was also this line up of the band that can be found on the split 7" with Detroit legend heavyweights Thoughts of Ionesco.

So what I present you is three 7" and, to the best of my knowledge, the extent of the bands released material. First off is their debut 7" on Anti-Music followed by their split w/ the Atlanta band Scout. Lastly is Cromwell's contribution to the above mentioned split with Thoughts of Ionesco. Overall a cool old band that, from what I can tell, never got much due beyond the confines of Detroit.


  1. I saw these guys years ago w/ ToI at the Old Miami.
    Always wished I had some recorded output by them, thanks.
    We should trade links, I dig your blog steez...

  2. Link it up brotha! You now reside on my coveted list! haha I'm surprised I didn't have you up there all ready as I am a fan of your blog as well!

  3. Linked up, thanks!
    Sometimes I miss Detroit, mostly I miss LAFAYETTE CONEY ISLAND...

  4. Did you see Man vs. Food a couple of weeks ago? He went to Lafayette Coney! Now that I'm not in Detroit I miss the shit out of it! Mainly the filth and grime! HAHA When were you there man? You grow up there? I have some more MI shit coming down pipeline so stick around.

  5. i think cromwell had ex members of ricochet. ricochet were from detroit in the early 90s and had a cd on initial records.....anyways thanks a fucking lot for posting this! cromwell used to have a website (like in the late 90s) and there was word that they where working on a full length before they broke up........i have never seen hide nor hair of that project since then...