Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Deadclownpile - S/T

Do you like Unsane? Of course you do and so do these guys. Once again, another band that I don't know and can't find much information about. The members names aren't even listed in the credits for fucksake. Ahh well, what I have determined is that they were from Lansing, MI (maybe?) and were on the genre spanning Detroit label, Overture Records.

Like I said, Unsane-ish. Most cetainly in the way of carnival barker, bullhorn vocals and moments of plodding, cheese grater groove. Where they mainly stray is in the drum department. Where Unsane is more tribal, DCP is more straight forward and punk. I guess the same could be said for the guitars...less blues, more punk. These guys would've fit perfectly on a bill between aforementioned Unsane and maybe Drive Like Jehu.

Anyway, this cd rips and still holds up almost 15 years later. Stand out tracks are "Snap Crackle Pop", "By Design", "More", and the closer "Choke". Sure it's sort of a one trick pony but with half the songs being less than 2 minutes long, none seem to wear out their welcome really. I'm seriously amazed they didn't get more renown.


  1. Sounds intriguing, so I'll check them out!


  2. Good stuff, good stuff - vocals definitely remind me of Chris Spencer.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. They were mostly a trio sometimes a quartet. They played mostly around michigan and did one ill fated tour to the west coast. Broke up late 96' early 97'. Two guys from Lansing, Mi, one from Detroit. Much more punk live.

  4. yay!!!! i was in this band and someone cares hahahaha...

  5. Yes! I do care, greatly, Mr. Anonymous!!! If you come back here, could you let me know if you guys have anything else recorded that you could share with the rest of the class? Because this CD rules!