Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mog Stunt Team - 555 and King of the Retards

Shit! Almost a month has gone by with out some much as a squeak around here. Better make it a tasty ass post then...

"Enigmatic Detroit, Michigan based trio, which was formed in the winter of 1995. They released two full-lengths – 1996 “555″ on Small Stone Records and “King Of The Retards” on AmRep in 1997.

Nothing was heard from them since, with some reports suggesting that the band died in a van crash and other reports suggesting that they simply changed their name to El Guapo Stuntteam." -As lifted from our friends over at "I Heart Noise"

I think this sums it up nicely (though I'm not so sure about that El Guapo Stuntteam or died in a van crash part). As you can see this band wasn't around too long but they seem to make a name for themselves within that amount of time. Especially with the whole "John Tesh is an alien" thing. I never had the chance to catch these guys live but from what I've seen through Youtube, they looked like they put on a rolickin' good time! Their song titled "Boredoms vs. Sabbath" fits as a nice description of their sound. That coupled with the covers of Kiss and Motorhead (featured in these two releases) and a heavy handed dose of Detroit influence via the Stooges and MC5.

Did I mention they dressed in homemade stuntman/astronaut costumes? It fit right along with their irreverent lyrical content. Not nearly as angular, Mog is more straight up punk rock n' roll with out being completely outta place with the rest of the AmRep fair. Still noisy, still fun. These albums have definitely aged nicely and are well worth a first or re-visit.

Here's the vid for "Boredoms vs. Sabbath":

And here's a vid for "King of the Retards":

Here's one for "Avenger":

Here's a video showing some of the "hub bub" they got from the "john Tesh is an alien" stuff:

Here's a trailer for a documentary about the "demise" of the band that will hopefully see more light of day with a dvd release:

Another, slightly different trailer can be found here:



  1. 555/09 Iron Fist file are broken. Please reupload.

  2. 555/09 Iron Fist file are broken. Reupload please.

  3. thanks, Mr Mega-Leg! Track 9 from 555 seems to be corrupt though. Any chance you can fix that?

  4. thx mr mega-leg...track 9 from 555 seems to be corrupt though

  5. Sorry about that. Stupid Mediafire! I re-archived and re-upped it so see if it works.

    Lemme know if it's ok, ok?

  6. It's all A OK, Mr Mega-Leg! thx!!!