Friday, December 19, 2008

Tad b-sides and rarities

Tad is the shit! You should really know this by know. The whole ax wielding, ex-butcher/lumber jack insano redneck mystique rules! Sheer genius! I mean seriously, who wouldn't want to party with (or listen to jams by...) this guy?! 

Redefining heavy in the age of Sub Pop, Tad should have been huge. (No pun intended.) Tad was the human embodiment of the sound he created. Taking their name from the main man himself, the sheer girth of their sound was only ever rivaled really by the Melvins.  Squealing, belching, grunting, riffs just truly does sound like a fucking maniac beating his guitar with a rack of lamb ham-fistedly into oblivion. Especially on this older, more primal sounding stuff. That's not to say there is no musical value here. Tad truly had an amazing ability to combine a real "wam and thud" mentality with a pop sensibility and some descent vocals. They always "tongue in cheekly" played so beautifully into the persona created that you couldn't help but smirk along and sell the legend with 'em, sweatily head banging the whole way. I mean fuck, the guitars sound like a fucking chain-saw!

This is a collection of early 7" b-sides and compilation contributions I entitled "Kills Roaches Dead". The title is lifted from the back of a Tad shirt I got when I saw them open for Soundgarden on the "Superunknown" tour in high school. This might not be absolutely everything but it's all I could find and I think honestly, it's a pretty comprehensive collection. Missing are some of the post-"Infrared Riding Hood" 7"s. I read recently here that there is a plan in the works to release those songs and other unreleased recordings from the time right before Tad called it quits sometime in '09. 

Here's the infamous "banned from MTV" video for "Woodgoblins" playing up the lumberjack thing. They were deemed to ugly for MTV's sensitive eyes. hahahaha

Here's Tad performing live on some random talk show or something. 

Here's a teaser trailer for the Tad DVD that's out entitled "Busted Circuits and Ringing Ears".
It is highly recommended! 


  1. Cooking with Gas!!! This has been on my list of songs to obtain digitally for quite some time now! I have several others if you're interested you should e-mail me.

  2. What do ya have exactly? I think the only thing I don't have is the "Obscene Hand" 7" on AMREP. (Which I really, really want!)

    1. And I just found it here...