Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tad - Oppenheimer's Pretty Nightmare b/w Accident On the Way to Church

Inspired by the Brothers of the Sonic Cloth post over at Mindgrinder (which also included some Tad b-sides I didn't have) I'm finally get this up here. TAD...you should know him, you should love him. This ->HERE<- is their final release musically as TAD the band and a fine one at that. As I stated in my previous Tad post, there were talks of releasing a discs worth of some unreleased, post-"Infrared Riding Hood" jams (like maybe "Mummified Cop" from the Tad myspace?) but with BotSC in what seems to be full swing who knows how long that could take to see the light of day. Hopefully this is just a teaser of what that disc could have in store. This is a vinyl rip I did so it does have some scratches and pops but it's cool, right? We'll just call those "character noises".

Screw it! For the hell of it I'll throw in the two songs from "Live Alien Broadcast" that to the best of my knowledge have never been on a proper studio release as well.


  1. if anyone has an MP3 of the "Mummified Cop" track, please post it! or better yet, e-mail it to me at: selfinduced@rcn.com

  2. HOLY SHIT! I gave up scouring the internet for these songs years ago... This is amazing!!!